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Default Re: Fair warning if you ever find yourself going into court to defend yourself

No offense taken, I just learned about the courts power to refuse someone from firing their attourny (sic),if they were court appointed, the other reason I thought that the site could use comments on this is because of Henrys latest posting of a new board, and what the powers that be have the power to do.
Your right I don't post much on other peoples post, like mkultra, I don't think I ever posted on this, not because it isn't interresting, but because I just haven't read that much about it, to say what I think on it.
As I see it, and freely admit it, I don't contribute that great of material to this site, but I try to bring somethings up I think should be out there.
Perhaps your right that it wouldn't be a good fit for this site, I can't say, but I think that we do need to examine the laws of the land since they are so quickly being used against us, and in my mind it is a conspiracy against us all, no matter where you live in the world.
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