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Default Re: Fair warning if you ever find yourself going into court to defend yourself

I appreciate your understanding. What would have amplified the original post 99% would have been references (links, article snippets) to the information that prompted it from the beginning. I wasn't aware until now that Makow had even written on this specific topic. I don't like to name names when it comes to certain individuals forum habits [where they have to just be heard on everything whether they know anything about it or just did their research in five minutes on a webpage hosted on Geocities] and it isn't my place to judge you. There's certainly a difference between casually commenting and responding as you normally would and what you just described.

I was a member of a rather unique [now defunct] message board which was what I consider to be the first experiment of it's kind... this was back in 94'. It eventually moved from a message board to a forum like this using PHPBB software but the domain that housed this consciousness fell to darkness and we all closed our accounts and split. The core group remains intact via email.

My point is simply... been there done that. I said this elsewhere not too long ago but none of this matters anyway because none of this text will exist five years from now. Maybe even one. It's the nature of the beast. Years of my thought and expression and my albeit public attempts at making sense of the world around me with the others... collectively... irreplaceable and lost forever for those who were intended but never got a chance to partake. Long story.

Like you, I can't say I know for sure what works but I happen to know what doesen't.

Please do not let this interaction stop your next post from occurring. Got a direct link to this Makow article?
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