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Default Re: Aussies must Fight.

No. Howard was "old school" establishment all the way. It was Keating who stuck the knife in...the working mans friend ya know. Howard is anti-U.N and just about every other Internationalist establishment.
I see that is why Howard supports Bush all the way with pax americana is it?. The anglo old school establishment was pro internationalism from the very start there full of freemasons remeber or have you now changed your views on freemasons. :roll: :lol:. Lets see you answer your own absurdity!.

btw tb the UN is very much controlled by the U.S if not why does it always toe the line of the U.S at the end of the day, even if there is some initial superficial protest of smoke and mirrors and why is it the UN is still based in NY why did Al queda bomb it in the early 90s.The muslim terrorists arent exactly pro UN.
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