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Default Re: Interesting building

The mention of the Rothchild's is what caught my interest in posting HERE. Additionally, some other tall buildings were pointed out and I HAD to show people the 'Owl' building. I think you might be looking to much into nothing. I apologize if you feel disrespected but my posts had NOTHING to do with you whatsover. It was my organic response in that particular moment. What is difficult for me is having not a single comment on any of the posts I put in here. You skipped right over information that has taken research and time to present... and you choose to comment on where I post. If it didn't mean anything to you in here, given the lack of acknowledgment and feedback, why does it matter if I put it in another post... the one on the swastika you started when it would have just as likely been ignored there as well.

I'm cool of you are... but please don't take things like this so personally.

There are far more important things to discuss.
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