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Default Re: well i wasnt single yesterday

Well Gals you have my sympathy.

It's tough for women out there. The men are, shall we say...hopeless. They simply ar'nt men. And why? Well thats why I loved Henry's site.

Men have absoloutly had their balls removed. Where are their examples? Where are their Fathers and mentors who show them how to be men...powerful, protective and loving?

A mans job is to protect life. A womens to bring it.

One day we will look back at this time and wonder..."what a complete f**k up". What a joke.

One key to feeling better is that the way we are living is completely and utterly abnormal. Once you realise this you can go a little easier on yourself.

I want to get a community going within 5 years. Here in West Oz theres more land than we know what to do with. Cheap too.

Dont believe all you here from "Idiot Features" Steve Irwin. You wont be attacked by 40 different creatures once you step off the's usually a few days before the Killer Koala's get the scent.

I recently saw 50 acres near our beautiful south coast near Albany. $180,000 Oz dollars with house etc...20 mins from 40,000 people and the rugged southern coast.

Permaculture, sheep on a spit, home grown fruit and vegetables, guitars around a campfire, genuine community living, home schooling, all without the's no idealistic pipe dream. Who's in?
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