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Default Re: Why in the world are people committing suicide in the Superdome?

though i think that the neworleans thing is sad.I would like to add that more whites died than blacks from the hurricane.And ill tell you what if i was warned to get out and i didnt have a car i would have walked my family out.they had time.Anyone that can walk can walk over fourty miles a day easily. I would have been a hundred miles from there before it hit.And i also remember seeing people complaining in neworleans that they were desperate but i noticed there clothes were clean and they didnt forget there bling.Wich i would have sold for food as soon as i got to the nearest town.So though it is sad that blacks and whites and whoever else died and lost in the hurricans they should take some responsibility for there own safty dont you think?Hell im in wisconsin and i knew about it was comming days before it hit.So if a bolder is rolling down a hill and you say look out should i blame you for not moving me out of the way?
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