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Default Allister Crowly , Barbara Bush relative?

Yesterday, Oct 17, I was listening to internet radio, I believe it was the power hour.
They were talking about a rumor that Barbara Bush is a daughter of Allister Crowley, after doing a bunch of reading already on other stories this morning, I remembered this, and decided to do a search for a connection between the two, and all of a sudden, I lost my internet connectivity, I tried other local routers in the neighborhood but still couldn't get anything, I then went to system restore, and all of my restore points were gone, and I had maybe a week ago dumped my old restore points and started anew, so there was plenty of space for more restore points.
got into the system and found that my host files, kernal files etc.. were all changed.
Although I don't want to jump to conclusions, I do find it interresting, that my PC took a crap after looking for this.

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