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Default Re: MKULTRA connection...

Not to mention the occult influences which can actually "speak" through electronic devices. This kind of "voice" often sounds like a raspy, hoarse screaming or yelling, but not very loud.

But no, I have a theory that there is something that most of us do every day to train for mental slavery: watch television! What I mean is, there is something called suspension of disbelief which is the term for uncritical acceptance of the story unfolding before you. We fall into a trance in which we are suggestible and in which we do not use the higher logical and critical functions (in the same way, for instance, that we might examine a legal document or read a newspaper article).
My question is: what if there is a code or trigger which can put us into this same kind of trance at the behest of, say, a politician, newscaster, or even the local pastor???
Many times during the day we all slip into that comfortable "warm fuzzy" space that is kind of relaxed and dreamy, and in order to think critically, we have to "snap out of it" and rev up the old brain cells.
I have heard and seen certain things in motion pictures which might be this kind of trigger; anyone else?
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