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Default Re: Take heed the time is short!


Since this is no longer a republic let alone a democracy, neither party will let a third voice be heard, and in short this must be our mission, if you want to fight the new world order, we need at this moment to start a concerted effort to end the tyranny of America now by making sure that the people that now have rule over us be reminded that they were placed there by people that God had blessed, (God sheds his grace on thee), meaning the US of A , and in no short order the peoples of this land proclaim that the two party system is full of corruption and deciet, and we demand that other parties that are eligible to partake in our elections not be excluded from the presidential debates as has been evident in previous elections, this I set forth, We will only suceed if we take action now, we know where their seats are, we need to write a proclamation that is sent to every person in the Senate, the House of Representatives, the somewhat less than white Whitehouse, that their in jeopardy of forfittin their seat of power if they don't sign a pledge to open America to other eligable political parties. with that said, I am going to write up a letter that will express these feelings, and inso I will state to each that if they do not sign this pledge of giving America democracy, they will be targeted as insurgents against the American Citizens, and they will pay a price of forfeture of reign.
As I said, I will write up this pledge that they can't refuse, will anyone join me in this?
PS, If you don't have anything to ad positively to this, I will assume that your with them, if you want to ad to my thoughts I welcome your views, if you want to correct my spelling I thank you.
In ending after reading this doesn't it make sense that there is a forum for all to proclaim, (Resistance is not futile), is all about?

The Corporation called the United States of America, will by Pre-Destiny FAIL! The World at large will FAIL! humanity will FAIL! this is because of the DISOBEDIENCE toward GOD. Only JESUS can restore the PARADISE! The "PLAN" of GOD will not FAIL! :-)

America the Corporation: Corporation
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