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Default As for me I would welcome back SeC

Many of you have had negative thoughts against the postings of SeCs post because he did not contribute any attribute of his own perception, he has decided to leave, and I find this board is not as vibrant as it was before, he had been a stalwart poster here with interesting note, but to many people had told him that they were tired of his post but no rebuttle.
In the end I was guilty of this also,
personally I would like his gathering skills to come back to this forum, so we can argue the point of his contention, I think I betrayed him by saying he should respond to his post and others, but I now think that I was wrong again, he did contribute much, that made us physalitate a moment of ponder.
Personally I want SeC back to give us his gathering skills, I appreciate it more than I thought I actually knew.
He did nothing wrong in the first place, he gave us much to think about. period.

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