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Ahmadinejad: Zionist Regime Doomed to Fail.

Iran-Qods Day-Ahmadinejad
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here Friday said that the Zionist regime is fake adding that thanks to the mercy of God Almighty and vigilance of world nations attempts towards strengthening it have completely failed.

The chief executive made the remark while speaking to hundreds of thousands of people taking part in the International Qods Day rallies on the last Friday of the holy fasting month of Ramadan.

The president said the Zionist regime has lost the philosophy of its existence.

"Its military power, aggressiveness and myth of invincibility were the mystery of its survival. But thanks to God Almighty's mercy as well as resistance of Palestinian people and Lebanon's Hizbollah such false myths have been disproved.

"Thus, today the Zionist criminals feel insecure even in their own houses," he added.

Turning to the vigilance of world nations and their growing fury at the Zionist criminals and their supporters, he noted that today they are even disapproved by the nations of their proponents.

Underlining that the Zionist regime and the claims of its leaders are fake, the president said, "I proposed formation of a research group to be represented by intellectuals from world countries and continents.

"I also suggested that the group conduct research on the claims of this fake regime and its supporters. I am still waiting for a response to my proposal.

Ahmadinejad referred to the Zionists claim that the occupied territories were their ancestors' property and questioned them, "Who resided in your own territory 300 years ago?"
The president said that the corrupt Zionist regime has been appointed with the distinct mission to threaten and be aggressive towards the regional states continuously.

"Besides, it has to promote an atmosphere of panic and threat in the region to facilitate the hegemony of the bullying and colonial powers on the regional countries," he added.

He pointed to the clear role of the Zionist regime in expansion of the hegemony of some Western powers across the world and said that its supporters prepare the grounds for making contacts with the world countries to recognize the Zionist regime officially.

Ahmadinejad underlined that this fake regime was formed to swallow the interests of the region, adding that the claim to its formation as a move to sympathize with the victims of the World War II is a big lie.

The president referred to symbols of the Zionist regimes formed by some Western countries and said that they are meant to insult their own nations.

"Why should people, including the youth, go through such a great loss for what took place three generations ago? When are such claims expected to end and what is their connection to the US and Britain to authorize them to blackmail the world on the pretext of holocaust.

"Wasn't Britain accused of inciting Jews to attack the occupied territories, make a nation leave its own homeland and encourage others to reside this land?" he said.

The president referred to the present conditions and said that today, the Zionists and their supporters are facing the rage of hundreds of millions of immaculate and determined individuals, adding that the whole region is against this regime.

He recommended the Zionist regime and their supporters not to commit new crimes in the region and world, adding that all nations believe them to be responsible for any crime witnessed in the region and neighboring countries and that they will take revenge.

"You should be aware that this fake and corrupt regime is doomed to end even if it is equipped with the most advanced armaments.

Besides, the Zionist regime along with its supporters is doomed to be drowned in the depth of quagmire.

"If the rage of regional nations turns into a storm it will not be restricted to the borders of Lebanon and Palestine, but will inflict you as well," said the president while addressing supporters of this regime.

He called on them to expel the fake Zionist regime from the region just as they appointed it.

Addressing the supporters of this corrupt regime, he said, "As an option, I recommend you to comply with your claims to democracy and let the Palestinians determine their own destiny through a free and legal election.

"If you are seeking to restore your true reputation, be aware that it can only be obtained under the light of monotheism, justice and defending the rights of the oppressed. You will never manage to restore your reputation by defending criminals.

"You'd better consider your long-term relations with the regional people rather than confront them by supporting this fake and corrupt regime," he added.

Link: IRNA

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