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Default Re: Food in the USA

So many barge arses in the U.S has alot to do with the easy availability of cheap pre-made food.'re just a bunch of lazy so and so's. :-D

It's spreading everywhere now though.

Did you know in Oz that McDonalds were told that if they did'nt offer a healthy menu they were going to be made to put warning labels on the food.

Now there chicken salads etc are their biggest sellers.

My sister runs a Mc Donalds. Ray Croc..the numero uno of Macca's came all the way to West Oz after the State government threatened them with health warnings. That was NEVER in the news.

He went to my sisters store otherwise i'd have never known about it.

I dont like socialism but I have to admit... sometimes having a state to kick corporations in the arse is handy.

The Health department here in West Oz has declared war on obesity...BTW have you all heard the "Lazy Boy" song thingy..."Underpants Go On The Inside"?

It's a 6 meg file. I can e-mail if you want it or get it off Bear Share.

It's a fantastic commentary on U.S habits.
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