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Default Re: Take heed the time is short!

I'm sorry to say, I haven't done a damn thing on this, I actually had forgot that I wrote it, but thanks Redrat11 for reminding me of this post, I do want to hold their feet to the fire, if they refuse to sign this Declaration, when I finish writing it up, they will know that they will be called out on it.
Petitions have little effect on the way our elected officials vote, but if an effort is made to make it mandatory that they must respond by yes or no vote, we can attain alot more of our power back.
First, would be that they cannot refuse other parties into the debates.
What do you think should be the next redress of grievances that they must respond to?
By the way, it is now legal to sell your vote in Alaska, what state will follow this butchery of America?
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