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Default Re: Very Real Satanic Communist Global Threat

:-? Draken:
That collectivist, socialist,
First of all i disagree that the U.S has ever had a collectivist sentiment. The whole history of the U.S has been that of the rugged Individualist carving his own lively hood for himself and family out of land of Native American savages and rough landscape.In many ways similar to Australias colonial past!.
The political ideologies or philosophies to come out of this for most ex anglo colonial countries were Whiggism, Laissez faire, Utilitarianism and Pragmatism all of these are very much liberal capitalist doctrines I cant see any collectivism in any american history either in the 19 th 20 th century and definately not now that is just flawed facts in my view!.

If you're really interested to find out about Russian/Soviet/Communist longterm strategies, read Christopher Story's "The European Collective - Enemy Of Its Member States" and Anatoliy Golitsyn's "New Lies For Old" and "The Perestroika Deception".
This is all very interesting but this author views are just one among many out there. Most of the phrophetic nature of his theories seem to be pure speculation not objective facts!. This Golitsyns is Russian KGB defector and a self proclaimed Market libertarian which said it all to me!.So iam not surprised that he would have anti russian anti communist slant to his speculations.After all it is obvious he doesnt exactly have anything to gain by stating balanced views rather than bias ones!.

It reminds me of another Russian that defected on a scholarship Ayn Rand the seminal Market Libertarian philosopher of sorts and look how anti russian and anti socialism she become to point of fanatical obsession.It was as though she was jumping from one ideological extreme to the other which i have seen in a large number of Eastern europeans and Russians also latin americans.None of her ultra capitalist theories would even work in the real world she is completely flawed!.

ntil you are aware of these works it's pointless to discuss this issue.
Well fair enough i have just read your links and authors before i posted this! I come to the conclusion that they are two things neocon zioganda or spurious speculations for the most part!. Now i have read your facts why not look at a few of mine?.,00.html

Here might Keep you busy!.
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