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Default Re: The "Mystery" Movie

OK ,let me say that this movie will need to be a real attention grabber. You have programs like unsolved mysteries, history channel, and the likes that do bring up conspiracy. However, they leave the viewer thinking "well, I'm not really sure", "what can I really do", "oh, come on now", "oh well".
So how about something like "man on the street" interviews (do not show face) with very direct questions for some serious answers/opinions. That would be the opening for the movie. Then flow into a "lets take a look at" subject..subject..subject. It truly needs to be a serious movie (as we all agree), to be concerned about characters really isn't the issue. I know we've been doing alot of
joking around, but getting to brass tacks is what we want. This movie needs to be the voice to bring out the VOICES. A writer, yes we need someone very direct and to the point, but to paint a picture of how people (with NWO concerns) feel about all this stuff. We want those hidden voices to come OUT!!!
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