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Default What ever we think of Alex

They are taking his shit down. For a period of time one could Google the words Terror Storm and come up with the complete video by Alex Jones. If you do that as of today, at least I get the page not found error. How about you guys.
Yeah, shit, I know, I have not bought the portable shortwave transceiver yet. Anyway the link for features Terror Storm with a picture of a shark on the movie case, not I assume the movie by Alex Jones. Plus underneath it says.
"Customers who bought this also bought"
And it lists other 911 type links. Ok, so why would customers buying a grade B horror movie also be interested in 911 "conspiracy" theory titles. Hmm...Well.. if they know what we know....then we know what they know we know so then......Moe, Larry, the cheese!
The Amazon link.
Really, I watched this like three days ago??!!!
I shit you not, they are taking stuff down!

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