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Default Re: The "Liquid Bombers" - And Other Tales...

The Met Police - Incompetent assholes?

That's putting it mildly - especially the Charing Cross branch of political poodles trained to dance on queue. Is Superintendent Peter Terry Tosser a sex tourist? Inquiring minds want to know...

The last Sack Parliament demo which can be found reported on indymedia uk london was farcical to say the least. Oct 8 2006 ?

I was there.

The most rediculous story I heard from rikki - a reporter - the oddest of all the stories from that day, was that a young man was sporting black and red clothing - the colors of the anarchist.

Metropolitan police determined that the colors of his clothing was grounds for a stop and search under section 44 of the terrorism act. The young man had a bottle of water in his bag which was determined to be a plastic bottle of acid by the idiot police.

Dude was arrested and delivered to CX station and held for 12 hours despite numerous prior attempts of said dude to simply sprinkle a bit of water on his shoe or the ground to prove the bottled water was indeed water.

The met under Sir Shite: sir ian blair is a police farce to say the least...

But then again that vulgar little Vogler arsewipe from special ops attached to CX determined that an imaginary perpetrator of an assalt was going to assalt Barabara Tucker for spoting her bright pink banner in a peaceful fashion and his vulgar logic determined that she, Barbara needed to be sectioned under the medtal health act in order to protect her fromhis imaginary threat concieved within his rediculous mind... what a crock of shit!

Toady and that hill-billy bushy boy need to be sectioned!

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