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Default Re: The "Liquid Bombers" - And Other Tales...

The annual "Police Ball" for the Vancouver Police Department
was held on October 14, 2006 from 6pm to 10pm at
the Hyatt Hotel downtown. It is done through
their Marching Pipe Band division.

Here is what I believe to be true after
actually attending this event about ten years ago.
You can make a donation by buying an advertisement
in the dinner/schedule booklet or you can
donate to reserve a table.

It is a high class dinner/entertainment/"roast" ( of people )
event with waiters wearing white gloves, etcetera.
Cops, businessmen, lawyers and high
government officials attend this event.

My complaint is this. A businessman I know
made a rumored $40,000 donation and bragged to me later
that he could get any favor he wants from the
Vancouver Police Department.
No kidding, for $40,000 I thought?

Years later the businessman used his connection to
have a friend of mine entrapped, and unnecessarily
and falsely arrested by the police for simply sending a COPY
of a nasty email to him.

I wonder if this police bribery could be exposed?
It must go on in other cities too, but it's
probably hidden like the Vancouver, Canada cops do
through their supposed charity of a Marching Pipe Band.

Also the police favors to the bribe givers are done subtly,
with a nudge and a wink, so it's hard to catch. At least
the police department could publish a list of the real names
of the contributors and the dollar amount laundered,
I mean given.

Where is the Vancouver Sun daily newspaper on this issue?
They must know this goes on. Where's the publicity and exposure
of this illegal financing?
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