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I contend that I had seen a meteorite blow up near the ground that had the appearance of a dragon, as clear as could be, in an explosion of a multi colorfull display, this to I would swear on a bible or on my closest relitives grave or even my own salvation, that this is true, it blew up above a school called Souers in Canton Ohio back when I was possibly 10, 10? this I'm unsure of, but it did happen just the same, and I also had other strange things happen but these I will remain silent on for now, hoping that I can someday make sense of them.
I think that possibly I subconciously picked the user name torch lit hill, because it was pretty much a torch over a hill, I also found a blue plastic four leaf clover right before I seen this, not sure what it means, but I'm still hopefull that I might put all the strange unearthly occurences in my life together and figure out if it means something in time.
I would imagine that if someone else would have told this story, I would be highly doubtfull to say the least to believe any of it, but since I did experience this, something so odd, I know there are many wonders out there that defy the imagination.
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