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Look, I wouldn't attempt to prophesize, that is deffinately beyond my understanding, but what are prophecies or other insights in the first place.
How should we know when we fail to prophetize?
Like I've said I have seen some strange things, I don't profess to hear the voice of God, but what if we could see more than what we give ourselves credit for.
I could have dreamt of a bright flash occuring on the moon, but in hindsight I want to try to figure out if I might have eaten something that put my chemical makeup in an unbalance, sort of like eating cottage cheese and then make the mistake of eating something high in acid afterwards not a good combination, atleast in my body, if it was only a dream, then, big deal, but if it happens, what could we make of it?
Do we really spend enough time trying to figure out what occurs to us?, and what other force might be trying to convey a message to us?
Do we sometimes fail to make predictions , because of possible ridicule?
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