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Default Re: Destroying the American Army

I've been saying the same thing.

I find it VERY awkward to find that the army has been doing very little recruitment using the excuse, "most are not qualified."

I find it even more awkward to know that they are sending national guardsmen over into the litter box. Now with Korea announcing that they have nukes, the world seems a bit more dangerous.

I can see the scenario now . . .

All at the same time, Russia will fire theirs at Korea, Korea will fire theirs at us, we will fire at Africa, and so on for the obliteration of the population of the world.

The real reason the elitists want to waste us is so they can all live on million acre properties, so they don't have to look at any of us meager people. They hate us because they believe that we are lower forms of life, and that they are the fittest. The only thing that can make this remotely true is the money that they possess. The thing that makes this mainly false is that it was left to them.

People born with money, who know no other way of life, or wanting in their life look at everyone who is below their tax bracket as shit. . . kinda like the way most people look at the homeless and tell them to get a job. The fact of the matter is, most of the people in America are getting treated by the higher tax bracket people the same way they treat the common street-bum.

I only hope that with my faith, and the way I treat (most) others will save me and my family from suffering when the shit does hit the fan.

I would have to ask when the bombs fall, either my family and I are either instantly vaporized and saved the pain, or we are totally unscathed, and have the ability and the freedom to help others.

But mostly, I pray that these assholes point them at each other, and through some grace of God, the bombs are miraculously diverted to take out only the main parts of the governments that fired them off in the first place. And as much as I wish I could say that I hope they suffer . . . The most I could wish for is that they get to walk a mile in the shoes of the commoner. Maybe they can eventually be saved by learning how to be forgiving and just how to feel.

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