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Default Re: The "Mystery" Movie

Hows about this.

George Lucas's classic Star Wars was a classic because he tapped into the archetypal background of human behaviour.

When you tap into the archetypal pattern of human behaviour you have a good movie.

Gorge Lucas was actually helped immensely in the script by a famous mythologist Joseph Campbell. By using the knowledge of classic myths and stories, as well as contemporary history, Lucas managed to make what is perhaps still...the best modern movie ever.

On that note...what is the myth we are trying to bring out?

For me it is the story of the loss of innocence.

That the world is not what it appears to be.

The dissapointment that comes from realising you have lived a lie and been duped. Everything you believe in is a fraud.

The story must go from True Believer to sunken and broken man who rises again to take on the world.

Born On The 4th Of July. Enemy Of The State are a couple of examples.

Hows this...

The story revolves around two main characters.

One is extremely idealistic and BELIEVES.

The other is old, worn and cynical. He's seen it all. He believes in nothing.

The clash of these two characters is the movies story and ultimate synthisis. This is the archetypal background.

For the idealist I pick Tom Cruise. He plays the blindly patriotic and nieve well, in movies such as Born On The 4th Of July.

For the worn cynic I pick Robert Deniro. A brooding and dark character.

Tom Cruise is an idealistic CIA analyst. He was former Special Forces but was injured early in his career and moved into covert opo's. Mainly analysis and planning. Computer literate, quick on his feet and quick with his mouth. He is the new breed. He believes he is working for the good guys.

DeNiro is the legend. Old school. Bend it here, break it there. He has no time for 'Laws', 'Geneva Conventions', he wants to win. Kill the enemy. Make the world safe then go home. He has no time for intellectual brats. He used to believe. But like former Marine General Smedly Butler (?) he realise he is nothing but a hit man for wall street and leaves the Agency in mysterious circumstances. No one knows where he is.

An old adversery returns to haunt the U.S intelligence community. He's so good at outwitting U.S intelligence, Cruise believes the only way to get him is to bring back DeNiro to the fold.

DeNiro was in Afghanistan and trained and equipped this man personally (sound familiar?).

Cruise goes to his superior with official recommendations for getting the 'Adversary' by bringing in DeNiro. His superior is a little like the bad NSA head in Enemy Of The State. He has his own agenda. He used to work with DeNiro, hates him for some reason and nobody knows why. He says to Cruise...

"Forget about this guy! He's washed up and finished and probably dead. He'd better be...he's a fucking traitor."...He tosses Cruises recommendations in the bin and goes on..."son, we have a 30 billion dollar budget and more gadgets than you can poke a stick at, use them! I dont want to hear any more talk of using washed up Agency staff who cant do as they're fucking told...get to it".

Cruise is mystified at the response...why such hatred for this 'Agency Legend'? He decides to do some digging in his own time. He cant let it go.

He tells colleagues what he's doing.

He digs deeper looking for DeNiro...amazing facts about the guy are revealed. Cruise is being watched by dark agency within the agency...foreign voices are heard watching him. This needs to be gotton accross that the dark forces at work are international in character.

Just like the main character in Enemy Of The State bad things start happening. His girlfriend leaves him etc...he loses his home...he is shot at...he calls one of his colleagues at home...he tells him he's in big trouble...his colleague replies..."you sure fucking are! What the hell have you dug up..." a sharp crack as the phone is cut dead....the audience is in no doubt his colleaugue is now dead.

Cruise is now frantic. He knows a little about what happens to people who cross a line. He now frantically attempts to get as far away as possible.

While watching T.V in a dingy motel room the news reports that an aircraft has crashed killing all government employees on board. ALL his work colleagues are dead. He realises powerful forces have been unleashed against him.

The cocky new age beauracrat is now at his lowest ebb. He is depressed and distraught. Earlier we see him in the movie mock people going to church as weak. He needs no one. Now he is on the verge of suicide.

Drunk out of his mind we see him stumble into a church in a small town in the middle of no where. It is dark. Rain is poring. He is looking for shelter from the rain and also from the world. The church is the only building open and with a light on at this time. Every where else is darkness.

We see him sink to his knee's before Christ on the cross. He blurts out half sobbing..."i need help..." Just then we hear a gun cocked. A Berretta pistol is placed against the back of his head. We see the tightly fitting black gloves gripping the weapon. Cruise does'nt even look up. He just smiles and gasps..."do it, just do it".

A voice says..."are you armed?"..Cruise reply's.."what?"...just then we see the gun shift to the left hand and the right hand is offered to pull Cruise up from the floor. A voice says..."i believe you've been looking for me"?

It's DeNiro.

The camera is at an angle so as Cruise is lifted from the floor, the image of Christ nailed to a cross is seen behind them. Cruise is redeemed.

Now Cruises education begins. In a safe place Cruise is informed about just how the world really works. He gets to know who caused 9-11 and why. He learns of the agencies with in agencies. The subversion of the Americasn political system. The selling out of colleagues...and on and on. Cruise learns that the adversary he was to eliminate is actually a CIA creation.

DeNiro comes close to breaking down when describing the carnage he's seen. The death of innocents.

The rest of the movie is dedicated to Cruise getting his life back. The usual close calls and Hollywood explosions can follow. We get to see DeNiro at his ruthless best...protecting Cruise at times. Cruise is a well honed fighter but is brash and flashy. DeNiro is a bruiser and street fighter. The movie should exemplify the meeting of the old with the new at every oppertunity.

DeNiro turns out to be the number 1 source for information about 9-11 for the internet community.

We get to see the GEEKS DeNiro has surrounded himself with. They are experts at electronics and know more than the spooks know. They are the long haired, geek, Lone Gunmen types.

They are the rejects of society but they are also the ones protecting it and trying to get the truth out.

The rest of the film is dedicated to Cruise getting his life back and exposing what he can.

In the end he is not out of the woods but enough info has been brought to the publics attention that Cruise can walk a little safer.

DeNiro and Cruise part company. Cruise tells DeNiro.."come with me, we can bust it wide open"...."No, Joe and Jill average ar'nt ready for the whole truth yet. I'll keep an eye out for ya. I like the shadows, thats where I'll stay. Thats where the SOB's operate. Thats where I'll be..."

The End.
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