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Default Re: Will Americans have a voice if Democrats take over Congress?

Dr Makow, I have asked you to not let this site fall into an abyss, so far I think you have failed, as a DR please appreciate this./
Give me the power to get rid of those I find killing thought and your site.
You do have the power, don't let people come on to this site, say they are working for you, and then we find out again you have no controll, I have asked for that control, to get rid of these assholes, but you haven't responded to this.
I have a problem with your integrity, please respond.
Im tired of you not responding directly,, not just to me, but the boards.
Look at my last emails to you, I have no anger against you, but, its time you took a stand, and not feel that your just putting out CC as a place for people to talk.
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