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Default Re: Will Americans have a voice if Democrats take over Congress?


Please note that it was you who turned venomous on me from day one. It was you who called me an ass and even worse before.

It was you who thought I was simple minded therefore an easy target for you and your friends to attack with no fear of retribution. It is you and your kind that will pick and bully who you think are easy targets, unable to defend themselves.

It was unfortunate for you that during my absence from here I became more aware

People like you and that idiot Shadow_ who for some perverted reason wants to stalk me and post with an ID almost identical to mine in a feeble attempt to discredit me that are the true viruses of this world. It is people like you that are driving society down the wrong path.

All I can say is goodbye, althught I seriously doubt that you trully will go.

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