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Default Re: The "Mystery" Movie

I agree that we make it a dramatization on real life events.

Heres a little scene betwen Deniro and Cruise in a safe house surrounded by geeks.

C:..."i know the Agency fucked up. They created the s.o.b and now we've paid for it".

Deniro jerks his head back and in a mocking tone notes...

DN: "What! You fucking nieve fuck. You believe that? You believe that piss ant camel jockey pulled this off from a dusty cave in Tora Bora? With his fucking mobile phone? What, the fucking Agency recruiting from the freakin Boy Scouts these days? What, you still believe in Santa Claus and Milli Vanilli singing live?"...Deniro starts to laugh and shakes his head.

Cruise gets pissed off, insulted he gets more aggressive...

C:"Dont fucking mock me! What, you with the Conspiricy Central Agency now? Shit happens, we fucked up, people got lazy and we paid the price. Dont hit me with this shit".

DN:"Hit you with this shit..?" DeNiro gets in Cruises face..."you already been hit buddy boy. What the fucking hell's been nipping at your bony ass this last week? You upset some people and now you pay the price for sticking your little nose in a big pile of shit! This piles so big you cant even imagine. Personally if you're alive in a week i'll take you to Vegas coz you're the fucking luckiest son of a bitch alive".

DeNiro is pointing his finger intently at Cruise as he says this, as only DeNiro can. He softens his tone and lowers his finger. He becomes more Fatherly...

DN:"Sonny, there are people in this world who play for keeps. They play on another level. You thought you were up with the big dogs, you've barely begun. There are people who own this planet. They own it and they plan on keeping it all to themselves. Two bit brats like you are a dime a dozen. You either wake up or you'll be dead. They own the cops, they own the fucking Agency, fuck they have their own Agency".

C: "I'll go to the fucking papers. They cant keep it under wraps forever..."

DN:..."Jesus H Christ...HAVE YOU BEEN LISTENING! They own the fucking papers. And I tell you sonny jim, they will not stop until the entire fucking human race are kissing their jackboots like the feet of God. These people think they are God, ya got that buggalugs"?

and so it goes...
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