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Default Re: The "Mystery" Movie

Also, how about involving the militia movement?

They've been demonized by the media.

Lets show them hiding amongst them. Good God fearing people who will not back down from the State.

We can here stories of how the banking system ruined their lives, their farms, their community.

Cruise realises the common people he mocked are the life blood of the community.

Maybe a little love story...GROAN...between Cruise and a simple woman who's husband was killed in Waco? Off center maybe? Hmmmm...endless possibilities.

BTW...have the song for the end credits...

"Simple Man" by Bad Company.

"I am just a simple man, working with my hands, ooooo, it aint easy".

"I am just a simple man, working on the land, ooooo believe me". CHORUS...

"Freedom is the only thing, means a damn to me, ooooo oooo you cant fake it".

"Freedom is the only song, sing a song for me, oooooo oooo are we gunna make it..."

We should have 2 movies. One a drama/thrilla the other a comedy.

Comedy is a great way to get hard subjects accross to people.
[size=medium]\"The Office\" is the greatest comedy...ever. [/size]
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