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Default Re: Destroying the American Army

Dont fret to much.

The aim is simple. Bush is an East Coast Blue Blood. He works for the European Elite. Mainly Rothschild and Co.

His role in the play is discredit America as much as is humanly possible. He must also come accross as a complete Religious nut furthering the NWO claim that religion is dangerous and should be replaced by the new value system 'Secular Humanism' as being implemented by the U.N.

The aim is to weaken America internally to the point of civil war. The vast middle class, scared into submission will beg to be rescued...cue music...

In will come the NWO pick for a Secular-Liberal-Goodguy who will state..."it's o.k little ones, the U.N is here now. Those nasty religious fascists wont be bothering you anymore".

Their original pick was Arnie. Thats been derailed.

This is classic Hegal. Problem-Reaction-Soloution.

Europe is playing good cop. Tich tiching those fascist/imperialistic Americans.

Mark my words...the plan is for chaos. The plan is to stir as much trouble as possible. I doubt their will be an attack on American soil. Trust me! The U.S Intelligence community will not stand for it. There will be a revolt and possible Coup D'etat.

I predict a nuclear exchange in the M.E against Iran. Soon.

I predict a joint covert op between Isralie Mossad, American CIA and British MI6 with German sub contractors thrown in their as well. They will frame Iran for a nuclear/chemical/biological attack on either U.S forces or Israeli citizens.

The U.S military lacks ANY capability to attack Iran on the ground. I've seen this reported. Pure hogwash. Would you like to go up against Iranian martys? Trust me...the Iranian Shi'tes dont fuck around. They're well equipped, well motivated and fighting in their own country. Good luck Delta boy, i'll get the letters to your relatives ready.

After the frame up off will go...Israel. Kaboom!

In the chaos and distraction of the holocaust visited by the original holocaust victims (except the latest one will be real) lots of attacks by Palestinians (nudge nudge wink wink) and they will be thrown out into one will notice with the panic of Armageddon in the air.

Throw in a HAARP earthquake bringing down the Golden Dome and there you have it...

With this though will have to come a rolling series of events. Once caught on the backfoot and disorientated the general public must be kept that way. They must not be able to pause for breathe and take in the events and form a backlash.

How this will take place I do not know. Perhaps a series of 'terrorist' attacks by 'sleeper' cells in the U.S, all Iranian of course but they will speak Hebrew. They must be in quick succession. Lock down the U.S quickly. It's all or nothing. This year is the year.

Lets get it over with. I'm sick of waiting. They wont pull it off. The silly bastards. They'll kill millions but they still wont pull it off.

Watch for anything that indicates they're going to pull the net. I'm sure attacks on Internet structures are gaurantee'd.
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