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Default Paedophilia: An Analysis In Method.

Hey that title sounded pretty good. I should write a book and get on Oprah, or maybe Dr Phil.

I've been thinking about the ridiculous laws that seem to be protecting these freaks.

Why would people encourage this sort of thing beyond whats already been mentioned?

In West Oz recently a man was spotted filming children (brazenly) at a water park in Hillary's Boat Harbour.

A citizens arrest was made. Police were called and the man was charged. I believe he has yet to appear in court.

People commented that it was bizzare. The man was brazenly taking photo's. He had a laptop and had the capability to upload the images onto the net in real time. He seemed to care not one bit about being caught.

Maybe the guy is just an idiotic freak? Or is their something more sinister going on?

One way the Elite wish to weild more control over the web is to introduce a licence to get on the web, including thumb scanning to access a computer.

What with all those high tech weilding Paedophiles getting around what are we to do? And what of the future terrorists who use the web to gather information and communicate? What about them?

There seems to be only one answer..."place your thumb on the scanner citizen or your computer wont work"..."ohhh dear, sorry Cleric, i'm used to the old way, you know before we were saved from the paedophiles and the terorists".

Just a thought.

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