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Default Re: Dealing with the FOOL Shadow

You are a sick puppy and came to this site along with a heinous group of smart asses to disrupt this site and belittle the posters here. A perusal of your insipid and child like posts shows this. You are a waste of time even to yourself. A total fake out for attention at any cost. Nothing to say because you know nothing to say.
Let's see. You have said that you post here as someone else, yet you decided to fake my name and pester me. Why do you not have the balls to say these things under your "real" name?

You seem to belittle everyone here such as the "good" posters such as TB, Torchy, Nohope and SeC.

You have polluted every single thread without anything positive to add. Your posts are much more "insipid and child like", but then again it must be when you forget to take your lithium, so I shouldn't hold that against you.

In short you are a sadistic little paranoid moron. But we can't hold it against you, because you are mentaly sick, end of story.

My only problem with you is that you continue to post under my name. Stop doing that and I will not bother you.

As for the rest of you that read this, I am sincere in wanting to know what do you think of this creten Shadow_? Are you scared of him or do you just pity him?
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