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Default Re: VIDEO - What The Anti-NWO Movement NEED TO UNDERSTAND!

sysop wrote:
See, this is prime evidence of why this forum blows. I never insulted you in any way but merely asked for some evidence to back your assertions as anyone with a brain would do. I believe a lot of things that to many would seem weird so I'm openminded enough to hear some of it. Instead you post a picture back to me, after an initial condescending remark to me.

And THAT is why I just can't take this forum seriously. There's no true open discourse that isn't infected by people getting offended that someone else disagrees, trolls copying each other, genuine interesting threads ignored while idiotic bullshit gets the attention. I had high hopes for this place but obviously it's been a waste of time.

When you guys get your shit straight and want to actually act like you have some intelligence, get back to me. You know how to contact me.
Prabhupada: Yes. Even George Bernard Shaw he has written, "You are what you eat." Your body is purified or impurified according to the foodstuff you eat. Therefore we forbid, "Don't eat this, don't eat that." You have got sufficient food, grains, milk, butter, and fruits, sufficient. Why should you eat meat? That is not sanctified. But this is nature's product, offered to Krsna, and you eat, and you become healthy and sanctified in mind, in body. Then you can understand Krsna consciousness. You can make progress in that way. If your body is not sanctified, if it is impure, how can you understand the pure consciousness, or Krsna consciousness? Therefore we have to follow these principles, regulations.
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