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Default Re: Swastika on Bolshevik Money

Hey O.C.

I have to agree here. Communism is not dead. It's alive and well and lives on in the U.N and their goal of destroying Christianity and replacing it with Secular Humanism.

The Communistic faith is defined by Dialectical Materialism. Rationality.

It's bent on destroying the human spirit and it's faith in a supernatural God.

It has it's base in the Illuminati.

The Illuminati despised the religious faith of the common people. They believe they are above faith and need only worship the faculty of reason.

The forcing of Lucifer into the demon image has distorted the ability of the common person to understand what the Illuminati stand for.

Lucifer was originally 'the bringer of light'. Cool rational thought. God operates through the feeling function and shows through with compassion and forgiveness.

By bringing these two functions into a synthisis we become complete people.

With the blind worship of reason and the intellect as well as a belief in only the physical world the human race will be plunged into an abyss.

The Illuminati believe the dumb ignorent masses must be led by the nose by a group of masters, an Elite. A business, political and intellectual Elite.

They Manufacture Consent in the masses by fooling them with scams such as 9-11. They do not believe in the individual, only the group. For the group to survive the Planet must be managed like a slick company.

All things must be 'managed'. This includes the amount of people on the planet.

Because the people are stupid and ignorent they must be forced into this like children because they do not know whats good for them. "They who would poke out the peoples eyes then complain they cannot see".

For many who follow this philosophical bent, they are not even aware they are in fact Luciferians...Satan worshippers.

Many of them are decent people. However, they have lost faith in the Human Race and it's divine origens. Because of this they now turn to reason to save them. To Lucifer.

Lucifer is filled with pride and refuses to doubt and reflect. Satan today walks the Earth in a business suit. He trusts only his spread sheet. He is a Dialectical Materialist.

And how, O.C asks, does this relate to business wanting to destroy itself by becoming Communist?

You confuse the middle managers with the CEO's.

Money, economics are pointless abstractions...they print the money, they own everything.

The means and the end are POWER. Power over people and crushing dissent...which wants to limit your power.

Unless you know power and can think on their level you cannot understand them.

What does a man who prints the money do with himself? As Henry Makow stated in an article..."pack up the kids and go to Disneyland"?

He has 10 Plasma T.V's. He owns his own jet. He has sex with high class prostitutes at huge Coke parties and orgies.

He has no simple joys in the struggle of day to day life.

His last aphrodisiac...P-O-W-E-R.

Till this is understood you can never understand the Elite of the NWO and why they want a Statist Command and Control Economy, based on the faith of Dialectical Meterialism.
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