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Went to the site and understand the concept.

And, doesn't society need to record history correctly and teach it to the children so the same mistakes are not made?

Are the children of illiterate parents not supposed to learn because that is the parents responsibility?

It doesn't take that much money to run social education and healthcare. If we, as a society, provide these things to all members of society, I believe the man will have a rod and fish for himself; able to inject his working dollars the way he wants into the things he needs, which benefits everyone.

They steal far too much and do far too little with no cheques and balances.

I believe a mixed system can function.

Your thoughts?

If we live together in a village, is it not the responsibility to look after the weak and the sick, when there is no family there? Where are the morals of society? With money, themselves, or a hope for peace and building a better system which we will need because they are about to collapse this one.

Peace mary XXXXXX

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