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Default Re: Paedophilia: An Analysis In Method.

Believe me Mary I know all about it.


If you read my original post you would note my amazement that the person arrested was so blaze. Almost like he wanted to get caught. And what was he doing uploading in real time with thousands of dollars of equipment in full public view?

His hard drive was full of pictures.

My amazement also extended to the laws. The fact that they were so ridiculously lenient. Almost like they were encouraging it.

Hence my proposition that it was being encouraged as were other internet activities as a primer to shut down or limit access to the net.

Yes, I know full well the 'Purple Circle' and the way they protect people.

As for thumb scanners and licenses to access the net. Thumb scanners have been here for years in companies for employee's computers.

There is talk as we speak on having people register as internet users.

Please keep the tone for other people.

I dont like bullshit either and I dont like people who fly off the handle with out first thinking about what is before their eyes.
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