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Default Re: The Rape of Europe

No! Are you suggesting I'm a racist? Or are you not understanding the Islamization of Europe? The article speaks volumes about the fate of Europe,
:-? Racist? I Dont even know what the word means since no one idiot in this NWO can give me straight definition! I could careless how racist you are i know i am, although i am not about to join some freemasonically provocateur motivated Nazi party thought either, been there done that!.

Your own country of OZ in 20 years will suffer the same fate.(It's called Social Engineering.)
My own country Oz suffers from this problem right now especially in Sydney where i presently reside although spent two years out of the place it wasnt until i came back to the place in late 2005 i was reminded(i was rasied in the place unfortunatly) just how servere the Multicult problem is in Sydney.
This is the place where the Mufti is hot water at the moment over saying women who under dress risk getting raped by horny muslims!.
I would like to add that Pm Howards own eletorate of Bennelong is hotbed of multicult and muslim activity even persian, yet he perfers it this way what does that tell about his real views as a so called conservative supporting Bush, he has all the paradoxs of a typical high ranking mason cant even clean up his own backyard, the crafty snake. :-?
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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