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Default Milosevic in the Hague

Well said, true.

I've commented earlier about the vilification of both Saddam and Milosevic but I thought to remind you, there are some interesting stuff there, with regards to the Show Trial in the Hague.
I'm not and never was a fan of Milosevic but I do admire his intelligence and presence of mind when standing up to those clowns in whigs masquerading as judge and jury.

The reason they stopped the daily TV broadcasts from the "trial" was because Milosevic, having a fraction of the time allowed as the prosecution had in "preparing" witnesses and no legal counsel - meaning he's defending himself, since he doesn't recognize the legitimacy of the Tribunal - STILL whoops their arses on a daily basis!
They even tried to poison him TWICE because he's too intelligent and well informed AND he's a professional lawyer.

Actually I wonder how he's doing lately...

Saddam & Milosevic Vilified By Western Media HPSESSID=a4b382fca80feb557a37343881dffb53#forumpos t5534
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