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Default Re: Experts on Communism: i have a question

It's my understanding that the Soviet Union was another illuminati project. It had a lot to do with building a credible threat to justify constant military build up and expansion in America.
Russia got it's nuclear weapon plans from some american jew that magically got his hands to those documents. I think the whole thing was a fraud from day 1. American troops fought on Russian soil during WW1. That was a previous take-over attempt. It seems that didn't work so, or maybe it did. Anyway I read somewhere that David Rockefeller went and took a holiday in Kreml right in the middle of the cold war and fired Krushev. Go figure.
Jordan Maxwell said something about the whip system. The vaticans bankers (illuminati) used a whip system to get nations into debt. Two pretty even countries (France and Germany) would fight one another, then a third, the "whip" (britain) decides who wins by joining the country that the bankers have chosen to win. In ww2 it became clear that Britain was not enough to suppress Germany so America was made the new whip.

Rockefeller might own all Russia's oil. General electric built most of soviet unions railways and factories under some other name... Communism was used to pay for it. And now the debts were paid with and after the collapse of Soviet union. Russian people had 5 trillion as pensions. All that money got devalued and sent abroad when the entire nation got privatised with the help of european banks.

I don't think that the illuminati cannibalize each other, just the lower level managers when they need to polish up image. As I understand it, the illuminati are working for the vatican, which itself was not a christian invention. The old ceasar just decided to start calling himself the pope in order to protect all that roman wealth that the christians were threatening.

I dont think the illuminati prospects are stupid or do some bloody rituals because theyre f*d up or something. Those rituals are required so that dirt on them can be obtained on video camera in case they later decide to do something stupid like tell about it. So you're not going to get any power if youre not gonna worship the owl and rape some young boy.
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