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Default Re: Sacha Boron Cohen: Zionist "muckraker"

I don't think it's a coinsidense that Borat makes fun of Kazakstan. It's THE place where russia and america are building bases because that piece of land is right smack in the middle of russia, china, india and the middle east. So it's perfect for military bases to control "the world island" like ziggy brezinsky said in his book the grand chessboard.
And EVERYTHING that's on tv is always propaganda and excludes most important things. Ali G is a BBC creation, thats the British propaganda Service. Now he's on loan to MTV, hollywood, the Pentagon Youth Propaganda Service.
I think the whole idea is to make Kazakstan look bad by spreading all kinds of shit about it and it's goat raping people. So when US and Russia battle it out in Kazakstan, people are gonna be like: isn't that the place where they rape goats, thats funny, more bombs.

I've seen his early shows and those rule. So he's genuine in that he's funny, but this Borat character is no coinsidence. He's got 2 good characters, Ali G and Borat, that german fag character sux (d1ck)
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