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Default Re: The Rape of Europe

it was ALSO a 'multi-culti' society, where jewish marxism (not saying all jews were marxist, but you know what i mean) was juxtaposed against protestant culture.
I agree with most of what you say except for the above! I dont see things as catholics or marxists vs Protestants or capitalists at all, rather its clear the freemasons have played both sides of the coin including anglo protestantism, capitalism.

I mean look at the english freemasons they aligned themselves with the Hanoverian dynasty and networked to set many up so they could intermarry into the House of Windsor just so they could push their internationalist agenda in conservative dress or how about William of Orange a big prodie freemason!.

No i dont think you can claim they favour the left over the right side they favour both sides at the same time,they play both sides off against one another, same with multicult in my view!.
You americans like to blame the Left side for everything, while ignoring the illuminati right in front of you in capitalist liberal dress!. :-?
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