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Default Re: The Rape of Europe

Thumper wrote:
Ozziecynic wrote:
muslims were never meant to takeover anything.
:-? Oh sure? You have clearly a shortage of muslims where you reside to make such a statement otherwise you would understand their nature better it aint nice!.
Still if the west had never had Multicult in the first place the west would never have had this problem.It seems to me Liberal democracy has become victim of its own tolerance therefore deserves to learn the hard way!.

Hahah who needs hitler when you have GWB! :-?
i've thought a lot about this.

there are many easier ways to genocide the white race than miscegenation, which could take centuries. there are viruses, there are wars, etc., although we can't help to notice that population control has done its work here.

rather, what we see is akin to the precipitation of nazi germany. it was ALSO a 'multi-culti' society, where jewish marxism (not saying all jews were marxist, but you know what i mean) was juxtaposed against protestant culture.

the result was combustion. what i see from the last 30 to 40 years or so of affirmative action, feminism, mass immigration, forced diversity, anti-white propaganda, etc. is a long list of grievances being built up, to sort of 'wind up' the western white heterosexual majority. I'm reminded of the Pike letter to Mazzini where he says something to the effect that for the third world war they would need to stoke up every subversive/revolutionary/anarchist possilbe to have complete chaos. That's how i see our modern culture. For every natural law, the demonic illuminati has sponsored its diametric opposite. All we need is a spart so to speak to set it off.

I kind of see the muslims as Nazi germany was. Funded and appeased, whose planned failure served a higher political purpose. For reason I'm still learning, the illuminati really hated Germany for some reason.

5 years ago the left was able to concurrently support 'female rights' and ignore female genital mutialation in muslim immigrant neighbourhoods. now the gloves are comming off. The only reason they didn't report it sooner was because they needed it to build to a critical mass. Read the news now, and they're finally beginning to report some of the truth!

perhaps civil war in Europe and Australia is what's needed as a catalyst to destroy the rest of the muslim world? who knows.

Europe is [KAPUT!] ;-)
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