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Default Re: Take 2 Steps Back, Relax, Sit Down, and think for a moment.

the one world government is and has been being built for years. I mean look at the way the governments of countries do as they are told. Seems to me the way they are building a world government is through the controle of the worlds governments. If you want to know which governments are resisting they would be the ones the msm talk the most crap about.Dam havnt we figured that out yet?m If you sell your oil in euros you are a terrorist state if you are not with us you are a terrrorist state.If you do not sell us your oil you are a terrorist state if you love your country and your race you are a terrorist and a racist(if you are white).I just do not believe how stupid and brain washed the hate my self white people are. Hell i like my skin and wouldnt trade it in for shit no way. And i like my people and think they should like themselfs and make some fuckin noise dammit.
When money is your god...The devil is the banker
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