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Default Re: Who is the Real Enemy ?

I have basically the same views on all Illuminati stuff, bankers, CFR, Pharisees, Satanists, etc... That's why i'm here, after all. But the title of this thread reminds me of something i deem important, Enemy-wise.

Most of the time ,probably like majority here, i feel enraged when i see some new suffering, war and disasters i think are caused by these people. I've practically stopped believing in natural occurences of 'natural disasters' - no, it's only "Damn Americans, f****ng HAARP, damn Russians, f****ng ELF weapons!".
In fact, even when it's not their direct action, it's undoubtedly an effect of their previous tamperings somewhere else, that much i know. I've read quite a bit on physics of "butterfly effect" in my best years.

Etc, etc...

YET, i try to remember as often as i can (which unfort. is not too much that the only Real Enemy is in fact Ego, not "them".

In God, and in His eyes, we are ALL His children, absolutely equally, and if anyone of us thinks Father loves them more than say GW Bush, or Greenspan, or Rotchild, they are VERY very wrong. And to Father, any one child calling any other child an enemy is also simply wrong. We are ALL small children in the garden of Eden, as far as God is concerned.
Small children who've got carried away with our play, and who got carried away with our roles in the play, and built up egos based on how we percieve those roles.

Believe it or not, it is so.

Nobody is anyone's Enemy. And ESPECIALLY, nobody is God's enemy. Not to God at least - only we (and sometimes they themselves) consider them God's Enemies. Not God. But then, God's view is the only True view - ours is always but a dream, this i know for sure. (A dream, that is, unless/until we awaken and see it thru God's eyes). Hence, God is right, and we are wrong - and they are not really our enemies. It is as simple as that.

Who or what is then the Enemy, who or what is the cause of all unmeasurable suffering that going on perpetually; and is getting only worse with time, not less as they tell us?

EGO is the satan's seat in every one of us, all members of this forum included, as well as all other people, and bankers and secret societies.
It is just a matter of how much we let it rule.
With the views that we here share, it is extremely important to remind ourselves frequently that the feeling of self-righteousness, and espec. righteous anger, is a great tool of this same Satan, and a great material for Ego building, if it is not held under strict and strong control, and used (or let happen) only very sparingly. In fact, the same that applies to all other (ego-)candy.

While it is true that people we are blaming here are builders (and descendants of builders) of eternal Babylon Tower, currently in it's most recent incarnation of New World Order, The Tower of Ego is the Babylon Tower in each and every one of us, and it is the ONLY instance of the Tower that is really in our power to tear down and destroy; or to let it rule us. In most people, it is a matter of measure, not either/or.

This is where our real efforts should go. This is the only Enemy each one of us has the task to conquer.

A beam in our eye is our task, the Teacher said, not the sand in the eye of another. This applies NO MATTER how sure we are that the case is opposite: that there's a grain of sand in our eye, and a beam in "theirs". One reason for this is that EVERYBODY is sure that their 'eye-artifact' is smaller than others', espec. of those who their anger, blame, or contempt is directed against.

So, even us here calling Illuminati etc "the enemy" is Satan's work, if you like, and he is happily rubbing his palms as we speak; having successfully set up "us" against "them".

But I am not saying we should forget about everything around us, and become blind to the omnipresent suffering, nor it's political/economic causes, and perpetrators. It is just a change of view i'm talking about; and a reminder of our real task. A reminder not to become 'like them', having same emotions, just professing another ideology.

The "Illuminati", to use it as a cover-all conspiracy term, are undoubtedly extremely dangerous souls and create unbelievable harm and suffering worldwide since beginnig of written history - but in truth, they are but lost children, extremely spoiled and extremely tangled up in their over-over-inflated Egos, and if anything, they should be pittyed, and helped, not hated.

We should of course do everything we can to lessen the harm they do, and also to help stopping them from doing it, as much as we can. But however 'emotionless' and 'soulless' they render themselves, emotionally they are youngest of all us children - albeit oversized and over-spoilt mutant babies - and have to be stopped from harming other children, and helped to develop into 'normal' souls, capable of love and loving creative interaction with other souls. If we consider ourselves spiritually more adult (which judging by all the Quran and Bible quotes seems to be the case , this is how we should look on "them" - not with hatred or anger, and enmity. They are not our enemies, they are only THEIR OWN enemies, and we can only pray for someone to help their souls if we can't, and do as much as we can in repairing and preventing damage caused by them. Informing ourselves and others about what is really going on is undoubtedly a part of it - the part that brings us together on this forum.

This is what we can and should do regarding the 'evil rulers' and 'evil conspirators' - but the only place we can do anything substantial, only place where we can really conquer Satan, is not the world stage, it is our heart. Here and only here we can win the war against evil and bring Heaven's Kingdom to the earth, and let God, our eternal Father, shine upon the days of our lives and lives of those around us.
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