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I read I agree with you 100% man has lost much since the french revolution which in my book was just a battle in the timeless war since the luciferin rebellion. But sometimes I think that the renaissance had more dire consequence, don't you think so?

Though maybe the french revolution was the turning point on man slide from true independence and in to slavery.

In times past there was poverty but not misery which is a product of the industrial age.

Prior to this there was as many people as the earth could sustain and each man and family could live independently and provide everything that they needed if not individually collectively. There was a balance and above all a homogeny that has been lost mostly by western man.

Today we have to pay for everything that once was available to the individual man, things like water, food, shelter and the funny thing is that we donít even own the money that we work for just the value which without their money is worthless.

Just think of what would happen today if the economy failed, its consequence would be terrible.

I am no Luddite but I think most of the modern technology has been developed to enslave us and keep our minds off the important things in life. Yes Vlad we are in worse shape than our ancestors.

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