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Default Told ya, Paradigm Shift!

Nancy Pelosi's 6 for 06- Don't you just love that 666 Satanic Reference!

In an email straight from the horse's mouth Pelosi thanked me for my "Democratic support".
Here are the bullets along with my take on it.
* To make our country safer by implementing the 9/11 commission recommendations
* To make our economy fairer
* To make college and health care more affordable
* To move toward energy independence
* To guarantee a dignified retirement
* To do this in a fiscally sound way with civility, integrity, and bipartisanship.

Three days, I tell you, and I love the continued use of the sixes as in the Christian 666 Mark of the Devil. Priceless.

"To make our country safer by impenmenting the 911 commission recommendations". What, the whitewash commission?

"To make our economy fairer".
HR 3977- the you can't shut off your credit line bill?

"To make college and health care more affordable".

Well, I filled out my entire life's history and falsely, stupidly gave it to the government only for them to tell me I made "too much" money for assistance.
Health care? Ya, I used to have good insurance. The insurance we are going to switch to? The CEO was canned yet is going to retire with a 1.78 BILLION package. Hell, I didn't want to go to the doctor and support the big pharma companies anyway.

"To move toward energy independence"
Yes, I know this means limits on the amount of energy available to private individual citizens. The elevation of the global warming issue and the banning of things like leaf blowers, snowmobiles and 4 wheel ATVs. I note the yuppie's boats went by with nary a mention.

"To guarantee a dignified retirement"
I'm 51 and I'm 110% positive, solidly convinced that Apocalyptic events will happen way, way before I'm "retired".

"To do this in a fiscally sound way with civility, integrity, and bipartisanship."
Well, if all of the other five are misdirected, based on lies misconceptions and outright social engineering, well there you go.

Lord, we talked about this ride, my last ride before the big one.
I really, really want to go tack him up now!

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