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P.S. the webpage is designed to be intriguing, but it has a serious tone, and a little bit of (dark)humor thrown in to take the edge off. Also, you have to "think" a little bit while exploring, which is why it may seem confusing at first.

Also, I am not a programmer and I am not a web designer, so any comments or tips are welcome (not that I may/may not agree with any)

It is also designed to be viewed in Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher with frames and scripts enabled, because certain scripts are not compatible with other browsers and I don't have time or the expertise to figure that one out.

I'm going to include a page to explain my drawing better when I get time. I think it points to the fact that the eye and triangle is, in fact, the "image of the beast that speaks" (money talks?) because you see it everywhere, from the AOL (America Online) logo to symbolism in many movies and other "artificial" media.
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