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Default Re: I want to make a difference (I want YOUR opinions to help)

Let me first say that i don't know anyone on this site, and although this may seem like another "troll" posting, rest assured that it's not. This is a totally spiritual war going on, just like "ignt" said.

(I think this only works in Internet Explorer 5.5 or's because of the VBscript and javascript used. But don't worry, it's safe. It's just necessary to give it some character, for purely aesthetic reasons.)

The website takes time to start because it has alot of pictures. It's about a drawing I did in 1984. I found an image of George Bush in it by using "alpha compositing" (invented by Alvy Ray Smith for Microsoft in the mid-1980's)in my drawing program (I discovered this recently, this year)

I did the drawing long before I knew what a computer looked like. It was based on the Book of Revelation and Pink Floyd The Wall (the PF album is about a psychopathic Rock Star dictator, but in reality is about the Antichrist---The Final Cut was a continuation of this story and starts out "Tell me true tell me why was Jesus crucified?")

Anyway, for those who are interested in it, I am not finished building the site. It takes time because I work for a living, but it has alot to do with money and our "entertainment" industry (mass media). Jesus gave many sermons about money and greed and the apostles spoke alot about it. The "Beast" is motivated by it and condemns those who are opposed to the system. It is the underlying theme of all that is wrong in our world---the love of money. Nuff said. Please be patient while images load...follow the "memory hole" to the "matrix" and you'll understand what that "trilogy" is all about.
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