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Default Re: The Rape of Europe

in the end though, the conspiracy is satanic, not white or jewish.
:-? Well if cc posters and Makow are not anti semitic then why has Makow just written a Savemales article critical of the chosenites this article and this forum are seen by many mainstream citizens and authorities to be racist and inciting racism so who are you trying to protect the JEWS?.I could put bets on it ADL wouldnt be giving Makow or you any thanks for your frivolous bouts of tolerance!.Its kind of like saying I am not anti semitic but...?.You may as well cut the crap and cut to the chase!.

Most jews whether secular, orthodox or otherwise would think any poster to this site is racist by default, cc is only second to Stormfront in my experience when it comes to inciting loons(Unlike you i admit to being onboard) so cut to the chase thumper your just as anti semitic as any conspiracy goon here, unless ofcause you suffer from the Makow syndrome yourself of being an anti semite with semitic blood or is their some other clandestine secret you wish to share with a Downunder pleabian like myself.

By the why iam still yet to get your response to my earlier post in this thread on why you believe the protestants are such angels when it comes to christ and why marxists are to blame for everything i could level that one at a few posters here :-?
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