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Default Re: Milosevic in the Hague

Draken: :-?
First of all: are you a Communist? In that case I understand your defending it.
I have already stated various times in posts on this forum what iam and what i believe. I have been more than open about it considering the kind of people that might be cruising this forum!
If you still choose to doubt my sincerity that is your problem!.Really i Dont care what you think i am does it matter!

Where? Where are these "rugged individualists"? All I see is a people stuck in slave labour, consumtion and hedonism, totally brainwashed. Isn't it a typically American attitude that one should always "score for the team"; "the team is more important than the player"; "the player is nothing without the team" etc. That's collectivism, if you ask me.
The individualism is everywhere in post modern capitalism. It is enterprised based and family based sure. However it is a form of individualism all the same. Perhaps families competing against one another might be closer to the mark because essentailly thats the way it seems to manifest itself in our laissez faire capitalist system. The actual single adult individual seems to count for nothing outside the family in our system.
The liberal definition of individualism is the independent contractor that owns is own enterprise or a Manager in a large enterprise and has a Nuclear family of one 1.2 offspring. That is the Liberal sense of individualism.

Draken you seem to thinking of individualism in the creative existentialist sense like Nietszche or Satre rather than the liberal capitalist defintion based on market Liberals like Hayek and Rand who ultimately obtained it from Adam smith!.There is a huge difference ofcause!.

Liberal individualism was soley created for the purpose of entrepeneurs and especially big business not for existentialist hippies artists etc.It is rationalist in nature not creative in the metaphysical sense!.

How can a team be collectivist. If your going to call a sports or work teams collectivist then you may as well call a family collectivist also following that logic which is ofcause absurd!.

The Marxist meaning of collectivist was institutional via the state arms of law enforcement!.It uses forced coercion in an attempt to force people to associate for a common good on a large scale. That is huge leap from speaking of sporting, work teams which are formed out of free choice of association and natural friendship on a micro scale. To say they are collectivist is absurd!.

The only people who built anything in America are the Freemasons and other Satanists
Thats strange are you trying to now defend those whom in other posts you have vehemantly attacked. Are you for real Draken or is your religious stance simple sophistry designed for this forum!.You have me suspicious :roll:

Liberalism is a Communist doctrine. It's in fact all the same! The thing they put on a piedestal is WORK - for the benefit of the Elite. It's a charade - call it what you want -capitalist/liberalist/communist - it's all the same. Secular, demonic, Satanist and ultimately Godless doctrines.
They are not at all the same it is acedemically and practically false to call communism liberalism and liberalism communism. Its like calling a swan a duck or a cat a dog.Two different ideals are like two different species of animals they are just not the same!.To call them the same is the act of the uneducated reactionary to lash out falsely at the wrong targets!.I would thought you were smarter than that Draken.
In this case i believe communism is simply a red herring to excuse the pun! It is not the present cause or drive of the NWO. For example i dont see large government controlled enterprises in Australia or the rest of the globe.However I do see several of the same multinationals everywhere over the globe in a very monopolistic fashion!.Many of these multinationals are also U.S based and headed.If it seems like communism then it is very possible as have stated in previous posts and threads that it is neo corporatism which is definately not communism.

Infact it has far more incommon with capitalism than communism because it favours the corps far more than than any other parties involved in its structure!.If you want a definition of corporatism here it is:

Well, you obviously didn't read the books.
I did read your links reasonably extensively. As for the book i simply dont agree with it enough in summary to bother purchasing it as well as the fact am already fully occupied with reading my own selections at the present time also posting on this forum! By the way you havent read my links i suspect.If you want respect from fellow posters you also have to give it you know!.

Wouldn't he have that if he was against slaughtering 300 million Christians? Maybe it's because he was intimately familiar with the longterm strategy?
I dont condone anything about communism. Iam not marxist! The reason i dont like the this mc carthyite paranioa that many of you carry on with on this forum is that it takes attention off the real cause of the problems which are not one ideology more than another!. At the moment communism is simply not a serious threat!
I came into this forum initially thinking that many of you were beyond the left right ideological paradigm and had realised there was a third position out there.

It seems i have been mistaken many of you are simply caught in this left right political spectrum.And most of you seem to be unashamedly Right wingers!So please dont tell you have moved beyond this because it is clear you havent Draken!.You are clearly a market libertarian especially judging from the sites you get your information from!.

In my view that makes you part of the disease not part of the cure!.

As for gibe about my christian faith you should ofcause realise that there all shades of people calling themselves christians these days.
They can be any ideological position under the sun they do not have to be rightwing.Take the Quakers or the Methodists as good example they have many social justice based positions in their theology which could be described as leftwing by fundermentalist christians.
You spoke of the massacre of christians in the USSR what about the massacre of many christians in chile in the 1970s under General Pinchot a U.S Milton friedman assisted free trade fascist stooge!.Not to mention the total covert esponiage the CIA has been involved in globally which I have already given you links to above.But there is no one so blind as those that will not see as the saying goes! :roll: :-?
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