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Default Re: Why is Herr Doktor Maccow and Illuminist agent? Don\'t you think he should cease?

Shadow wrote:
Heed his words Bush.

This little troll is an expert on getting banned.

Then again, you might be his sock puppet.
Why are you attacking George Bush? He is the president and a high ranking member in the Illuminati?

Shadow, look, I know that it's difficult to understand that I can see you. But I can. I know that you're an Illuminist, but I know that theres a hurting little child inside of you that wants to get out of the cult.

God will help you do this. Just walk out. Leave everything behind and walk out. You will be blessed.

I don't want you to be destroyed. But if you do not turn to Christ, he will fight against you with the sword of his mouth and you will be cut in pieces.

I'm sorry. Satan deceived you, shadow. He hates you.
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