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Default Re: Experts on Communism: i have a question

Ozziecynic wrote:
:-D Dunno you tell me for one! Most of you cc yanks here have been telling me your current admin in the White House are commies so you should naturally be experts on the matter!.

However personally i dont think most of you know your ass from your nose!.hahah :lol:
I would say that our current U.S. executive administration is Roman Catholic, not communist. That being said, one needs to note that communism can't hold a candle to the fascism of Roman Catholicism. Some would say that communism is the brain child of Catholicism: liberation theology seems to be an interesting step towards Catholicism from Communism.

The people of the United States need to study the Anti-Federalist Papers. Those historical documents, by such like Patrick Henry, speak directly to our current situation with the executive branch of government. Patrick Henry warned that no President should ever be placed over the entire army as Commander in Chief. There is simply too much temptation for power abuse. Lord Acton's famous dictum would fit nicely here.

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