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Default Vatican politics and the U.S.A.

As the United States becomes more and more Roman Catholic, is it likely that we can expect more open Vatican intrusion into our political affairs?

Almost all of the illegal foreign aliens from Mexico are Roman Catholic. If they are given amnesty, then they will become a considerable Roman Catholic voting block. The danger of altering the Constitution of the U.S., which has already happened, becomes even greater.

No wonder we see Catholic Bishops publicly working to organize these illegals. Roman Catholicism has always opposed Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Religion, and Separation of Church and State. Recently, the Vatican, or one of its spokesmen, have openly attacked the U.S. government's move towards building a wall on the southern border of the U.S.
History teaches us that the Vatican always attempts to dominate government once they gain a majority control. A brief glance at the history of Great Britain during the 16th and 17th centuries validates this.

My video is:
"9-11 and America's Loss of Freedom"
Free on Google Video.

In that video I go into specific historical examples of Vatican political manipulation.
What say you?

Red Beetle

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